Cassette to CD/USB/MP3 Transfer Services Shrewsbury, MA


Rewind Your Memories & Play Them in the Future.

Shrewsbury, MA

Cassette to CD Transferring - $16.95 per cassette
Includes: Dual-Side Conversion, CD Authoring, Track Separation, Labeled CD's & High Fidelity Audio

Cassette to USB Transferring - $19.95 per cassette
Includes: Dual-Side Conversion, Track Separation, Portable USB Drive & High Fidelity Audio

Cassette to MP3 Transferring - $10.95 per cassette
Includes: Dual-Side Conversion, Track Separation, Downloadable Files & High Fidelity Audio




Times change, but good music will always remain the same.  

Not only are your favorite albums from the 70's, 80's and 90's hard to find,  but finding a device to play them on can be even harder.  While cassette tapes were a great upgrade from 8 tracks, they are pretty much obsolete.  CD's, USB's and Mp3's will be around for a long time.  Let us convert the music you love to a long lasting medium.  We offer the highest quality for our cassette tape conversion services.  We ensure your music will have the same great sound on a more ideal platform.  Contact us Today!













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