3 Easy Ways to Make Your Business Successful at Festivals and Events



1. Know Your Audience.

As simple as it may seem, sometimes we over think and miss the obvious.  Think about the kind of events your customers would attend.  If you are marketing to women, a football game wouldn’t be your best place to advertise (not to offend the many die hard female football fans).  Find out what the demographics of the event attendees will be and creatively prepare on how to pull them in.

2. No one ever complains about FREE things.

The best way to get someone to stop at your booth is to give away something free.  Be creative.  A pen isn’t enough to grab someone’s attention.  Find something that relates to your business.  If you own a restaurant, obviously food would be the way to go.  Just make sure whatever it is, is something that shows off your businesses excellence. 

3. Free at a cost.

The cost is information.  Put together a small questionnaire that won’t take too much time to fill out.  Make sure it includes their email and phone number as well.  If you are a service based business, ask questions that will help you follow up with their needs.  If you sell a product, ask questions that can help you meet the consumer’s needs.


Written by Ishan Birchett II - 5/01/2015

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