5 reasons why CD's are still important to music artists.

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1. Live Performances – Live performances are the best outlet to leaving a lasting impression on current fan, and creating new fans. Most people are more likely to purchase your CD when they are excited about you. Giving them a link to go download your music from some website can cause you to lose a potential fan. How many times have you meant to check a site out and forgot? This is why having CD’s available at your performances is very necessary. Even if you’re giving them out for free.


2. Accessibility – Where do people spend most of their time listening to music? In their cars! We are in a new day in age where cars are starting to come equipped with auxiliary plugs for you to connect iphones and mp3 players, but they are not all equipped yet. Not to mention most people aren’t driving 2015 cars. But one thing that every car made since the early 90’s does have is a CD player! You should want your CD in as many cars as possible!


3. Artwork – I remember when I was a kid, my bedroom wall was covered with posters, magazine pages, and CD covers of my favorite artists! The CD booklet was just as exciting as the CD itself. I would spend almost an hour checking out the photos, graphics, credits and special thanks on the back page. That aspect of the art has definitely been lost since the internet has taken over. Nowadays a fan would have to search Google and print something out to put on their wall.


4. Product In-Hand – You never know what position you are going to be in. Whether it’s a random fan approaching you in the street, or record label executive walking through the mall; having something on the spot you can put in their hand can go a long way. You never want to miss an opportunity!


5. Memories CD’s, just like pictures, t-shirts, and vinyl albums, are items that people collect and keep for years, just because of the memories that are attached to them.




Written by Ishan Birchett II - 4/12/2015

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