6 Event Promoting Tips You Can Do Without A Big Budget



1. You need at least 1 month to advertise.

The longer the better. Often times, people promote events for two weeks and wonder why no one showed up. You want to give people time to mark it on their calendar before they make other plans. Not to mention the longer an event is anticipated, the more likely you are to check it out, just from curiosity alone.

2. Flyers

Make sure your flyers are catchy, detailed and simple. You want to make sure that at a glance, someone can understand what is being promoted. Pictures are a great way of doing this. Make sure all the details that need to be covered are there (date, location, time, etc.), but keep it simple. No one wants to spend 5 minutes standing in front of a poster or holding a flyer you just handed them. Truth is, most flyers will end up on the ground or in the trash within a few minutes after you hand them out. So, you want to make sure your flyers get the point across as fast as possible. Include links and phone numbers for anyone who wants more detail.

3. Find supporters.

If you are putting on a Church event, talk to other Churches in your area. If it is a fashion show, talk to local clothing stores and boutiques. Ask if you can hang a flyers or even have it placed on their website. Spending your time targeting people with the same interests as you will be more effective then chasing those who don't

4. Word of Mouth.

Don't be shy. No one can describe the greatness of your event like you can. Talk to as many people as you can and convince them on how great it is going to be. If you do it right, they will be out convincing others.

5. Facebook Events

Creating Facebook events are a great FREE way to make awareness of your event, but don't put all of your faith into it. We all know if 100 people say they are going, probably 20 will show up. Use it as an awareness tool, send out a couple reminders, and then move on to other forms of promoting.

6. Make The Event A Success

You're only as good as your last event. If everyone knows the last event you had was epic, there is no way they are going to miss the next one. Once you create a name for yourself, bringing in people will become easier.


Written by Ishan Birchett II - 6/01/2015

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